The 3 “Concepts” Of The Internet

The Internet is an amazing “opportunity platform”. And yet, many people still couldn’t “see” it. Or “get it”. Here are the 3 lucrative concepts of the internet…


Assuming you write a book (or hired someone to write for you) called, “Guide To Shopping In Kuala Lumpur”. So you have your book displayed in MPH, Popular, etc.

Now, this will be the competitive situation – your book is targeting Kuala “Lumpurians” and Malaysians to buy. And it’s competing with many other “local guides” by local authors who are as clueless. Have you start seeing what’s “wrong” here?

You’re trying to sell a book (competing with similar guides) about Kuala Lumpur to people staying in Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, maybe some dudes in Penang, Johor or Pahang might buy your book. But in my opinion, if I need to know where to shop in Kuala Lumpur, I’ll just pick up the phone and call my friends in Kuala Lumpur.

You see, the problem is not the book (the product). The problem is lack of marketing insight and not knowing how to tap on the internet. Your market should be overseas people who wants to visit Kuala Lumpur and need a guide. If you know how to leverage on Amazon and your book is the “#1 guide to Kuala Lumpur” there, there’s your goldmine.

This is the concept of “long tail” (you can read Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail). The internet allows you to sell super-niche stuff and yet, you’ll still have buyers because you’re targeting the WORLD.



The most common question I get is this… “What is the hottest niche market on the internet?”

Frankly, I think the person who’s asking this question doesn’t grasp the concept of internet marketing yet. I can tell you that “Forex trading” and “weight loss” are hot markets but what does that information leave you with? NOTHING. Yes, let me say this again – NOTHING.

The thing you need to LEARN and get really good at it is the internet marketing skill and knowledge. Do you have that? If you don’t, go learn that first. The fact is, if you have a product that adds value and you KNOW marketing, almost any niche market can be profitable for you (unless you’re doing something “weird”).

For instance, one of my students just shared this to me…



DAILY SALES. Several HUNDREDS PER DAY. This is a Malaysian who is making USD while he sleeps. If you convert them to RM, that’s a very comfortable living.

The product? A course about portrait drawing. The market? Portrait drawing enthusiast.

The secret to this business? Again, go and LEARN the marketing strategies. That’s the secret. If you can learn my strategies and follow a plan, you can start an internet business and make money online. It’s really that simple.

Again, there’s no push button software or a secret untapped niche market – JUST MARKETING STRATEGIES.

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Today, you could be making $10 per day from the internet. Next month, it could be $100 per day. And later on, maybe $1,000 a day. The internet is probably the only business model that allows an entrepreneur to scale the business so quickly and easily.

Let me just put it this way – if you’re making $100 a day with 10,000 traffic visitors per day, if everything’s equal, you could be making $1,000 a day when you get 100,000 visitors. Best part is, the visitors are “virtual” – you’re not demographic or space constraint like running a shop or cafe.

The richest man in China is Pony Ma, the CEO of Tencent (creator of QQ app). And he’s only 42. ONLY FORTY TWO, competing with 1.3 BILLION Chinese there and beat them all. Now, my point is this – he beats the gas & oil bosses, the car manufacturer owners, the real estate moguls, etc because of the internet. Do you understand scalability now?

Of course, that’s an extreme example. The less extreme example would be me. I mean, I’m a guy who is “futureless”. Failed in school, poor in English, no connections, no money and so on. Yet, because of the internet, I am now blessed with the luxury of life that I have. By the way, I’m not going to talk about how much money I make, it’s not cool to brag about that. I can tell you personally if we do meet.



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