"Discover The Most Popular Moneymaking Phenomenon, Post Pandemic - It's The New Way To Generate Income And Making Sure Your Online Business Stays Intact For At Least 3 Years!"

Dear Friend,

Believe it or not, we are living in an amazing time, even after pandemic, when ANYONE with the right knowledge can start a business by using the internet!

Heck, there are even people selling JPEG images to rake in thousands overnight. By the way, that's NFTs. Despite what you've read online, it's not dead and when done well, it can create a small fortune for you.

After all, the Internet is the best choice for business - extremely low cost, available for business 24/7, no employees needed, no physical shop and office rental needed, can rely on automation, extremely scalable and many other good reasons that you may already aware of...

ESPECIALLY after the pandemic!

And while many people are struggling to hold onto their salaries, there are also many who found a new way to generate income from the internet and even, start their own business from home. 

Did you realize with a sudden, many people no longer want to work in jobs simply because they are selling online making money nowadays?

They're easily making several thousands each month... an even better "salary" than any regular executive who's working in a 9 to 5 job from Monday to Friday, who is worrying about losing their jobs day in, day out.

If you're a business owner, it's quite "unacceptable" if you're not using the Internet to get customers. 

Simply because you're losing so many of them each week by just relying on the ol' traditional offline methods, including ineffective online marketing years ago.

Each year, the online business landscape changes. But these 2 years have CHANGED DISRUPTIVELY and frankly, I think you cannot afford to be left out because it's only the beginning. 

During the pandemic, the main platform for interacting, learning, purchasing, working, etc has been the Internet and we've just entered Web3. This is also where NFTs were first being introduced.

The good news is, you can discover how to start and build a highly profitable online business to generate 5, 6, and even 7-figure incomes in Internet to Income 9!

And if you're an experienced marketer, this is good news for you because you'll be able to execute the ideas, strategies, and methods faster...

The Internet to Income 9 (Recordings) - You just need ONE IDEA, ONE STRATEGY, to have a strong business for the next 3 years.

You see, a while ago in 2022, I did a 2-day live event called, the Internet to Income 9 in Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

With the positive feedbacks we've gotten and also, many requests from those who are unable to attend the offline event due to post-pandemic, I've decided to make the recordings available for a limited time.

Because I know these 2 days event could transform how you will build your online business by riding on the HOT TRENDS!

So, on this page, it'll be an opportunity to re-experience the 2 days content, where you're going to learn...
  • How to make money online WITHOUT buying NFTs, but minting your own collection
  • How to launch or grow an online business by using virtual classes even without experience, suitable for newbies and experienced marketers
  • The best way to start making money online with work-from-home businesses RIGHT NOW after post-pandemic, especially with affiliate marketing as a "side income"
  • ​Giving you the blueprint of a traffic strategy from a social media website and how to systemize it into an "evergreen" traffic source for you
  • ​Take you through the EXACT PROCESS how to make money online, I'll show you behind the scene for all of the steps! Just follow it to start creating a new stream of income
Check out some of the feedbacks we've gotten from the live 2-day event!
Here's another feedback from an internet marketing coach, Edmund Loh...
And if you've been selling online successfully for the past year and suddenly, you felt it's getting very hard with a lot of frictions, it's expected to be this way in 2022 (and onward).

Have you heard of this saying...

The rising tide lifts all boats.

The fact is, generally, "whatever" you were selling during the lockdowns would have sold very successfully back then. Everyone's staying at home - glued to the computer and mobile for shopping, entertainment, working and even communicating.

You see, the lockdown in the past years was the "rising tide".

Just like Etsy and Netflix enjoyed tremendous profits during those period. Right now, at present? I doubt they'll be able to get anywhere near the revenue they've gained before.

On top of that, competition is very stiff as your competitors are already back on track. Or at least, observed how you were selling and replicate your business model.

However, sometimes, all it takes is a single idea or strategy to literally lift your boat to sail fast again.

Just one idea to make it work and it's inside the 2-day's recordings of the Internet to Income 9 Live.

The 10 Key Topics I've Taught And WHY You'll Want To Have Them!

  • NFTs for Creators. If you are a content creator such as an authors, writers, social media posters, influencers, speakers, trainers, coaches, etc... including an artist, how do you sell your products and content with NFT?
  • ​Minting NFTs. How to turn any digital content into digital assets to be sold as NFTs.
  • Rapid Product Creation. How to skip the conventional way of creating digital products to sell and earn even MORE. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Business in The "New Economy". Discover the secret to promoting affiliate programs to earn commissions with paid ads - and still be profitable!
  • ​Converting Offline to Online. What are the 3 biggest trends AFTER the pandemic for offline businesses and how to find your vantage point in to thrive. Use these strategies to get customers online.
  • Funnel Freedom. When you're able to create profitable funnels, you'll be creating freedom for yourself. I'll SHOW you how I'm doing it for my 7-figure online businesses.
  • ​Organic Free Traffic. Discover the 3 top strategies to get traffic for free and I'll show you how we are doing it.
  • YouTube Ads. Go behind the scene on how we use YouTube ads to get sales. I'll show you how we advertise step-by-step and how to create the ad media.
  • High Profit Business. It's not how much you make, but how much you get to keep. I'll be dissecting the strategy to earn high profits but still remain a small operation.
  • ​Newbies Breakthrough. There's no money to be made as a newbie because a newbie is too slow to implement the ideas. This is why, I'll teach the formula to stop being a newbie.
Also, looking at how a recession is looming, it couldn't be a better time for you to start building something as a "back up". 

The best part is, whether you want to ride on "NFTs for Creators" or "Funnel Freedom", you just need to bring back one idea for implementation to become rich.

So, with 2 days of strategies taught and secrets revealed, I'm quite confident it is not hard to just get one idea. Just that one piece would pay off everything for you.

"What makes Internet to Income 9 Live different from any other average event?"

My name is Patric Chan and I have trained thousands of students for the past 19 years. This includes some of today's top experts and Gurus in this region.

Let's be honest with each other, there are many "internet marketing" events out there.  While there are many good events too, the key thing that differentiates Internet to Income Live is this - I teach based on RESULTS.

My track record is not to impress you, just to ensure you that your time will be worthwhile. My clients and students achieved success in many different niches.

Not only do we have testimonials, but we continue to have NEW TESTIMONIALS from clients and students. Some of these clients are Gurus and experts.

Other than the credibility aspect, the Internet to Income Live is DIFFERENT because you'll be learning strategies and content which you cannot find anywhere else. These are my experience and results.

At the same time, while the event is full of advanced stuff, but it's suitable for both newbies and experienced marketers. In another word, this is the only internet marketing event in Malaysia that's attended by those who wants to get started and also those who are looking for new hacks to grow their business.

This is NOT A Seminar - This Is More of a Class, For 2 Days!

When you go to a seminar, you listen to speaker after speaker telling you stuff for 90 minutes or so, right?

Sometimes, you don't even get to learn anything because 30 minutes are spent introducing themselves and probably, another 30 minutes pitching you to buy some of their stuff. So, you probably get more value from staying at home to watching their YouTube videos.

Of course, if Gary Vee or Jack Ma are the speakers, that's a whole different story because they'll instill wisdom and inspiration. For that, attending live is much more impactful than watching a video.

Furthermore, they don't need to use up their presentation time to introduce themselves (or pitch you anything for that matter).

Internet to Income Live 9 is constructed to give you an "overall" training for 2 solid days - with just one speaker for full concentration. Not 90 minutes of BS.

I was able to teach the content accordingly to make it easier to understand, without jumping from one topic to another.

It provides the content of a workshop or a class but the reason why it's not called a workshop is that we're not doing "hands on" for that matter. 

Suitable for:

  • The Newbies. Newbies are those who haven't gotten started anything yet.  
  • The Beginners. Beginners have learned about starting online businesses and digital marketing, however, they haven't seemed to be able to launch it well. Sometimes, all you need is to make your first dollar online.
  • The Business Owners, Founders and Company Execs. They are looking for the right online business strategies that meet their preference and the resources they have.
  • The Side Hustlers. The side hustlers look out for viable online business models and ideas they can do "part-time".
  • The Online Retailers. If you have a store or planning to launch one, this event will give you the marketing knowledge you needed to succeed.
  • ​The Agencies. You are helping clients to improve their sales, so, pick up new proven tactics and strategies from the event to be applied to your client's business. 
  • The Digital Product Marketers. You are a content creator, affiliate marketer or simply selling digital products online. 

DAY 1's Recording

On Day 1, I'll be teaching on 2 key aspects: The marketing trends to thrive in the new economy and how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Some of the cool things I'll be revealing and teaching...
  • The State of post-pandemic - Opportunity or Crisis
  • How to to plan strategically to achieve your financial goal
  • The reason why 99% of people fail (I'll show you a real life example)
  • The 3 trends that continue to grow after the pandemic - use any of them and you'll thrive but if you don't use any of them in your business, you'll LOSE
  • ​If you're selling physical eCommerce product, you must use this strategy to get new customers in 2022 and onward
  • ​What are the 2 rules of paid advertising that you must obey strictly - or else you'll be losing money on ads!
  • ​How I tap on YouTube Creators with millions of followers to generate traffic for my websites
  • ​The ONE THING we included on our webpage to increase sales conversion for selling eCommerce physical products
  • ​How to find a new market without competing with your current competitors by using YouTube
  • ​How to manage your virtual business - with this system, I was able to have freedom and the "internet lifestyle" (office not required)
  • ​The 5 steps I'm currently using to make money with affiliate marketing in the highly competitive eBusiness niche
  • ​Discover the traffic source for the "internet marketing" niche that will not get your ad account banned
  • ​How did the self-help gurus converted their followers to buy eCommerce training program without even affecting their own credibilities
  • ​And many more!

DAY 2's Recording

In Day 2, I'm teaching the strategy to succeed in a digital business and also, how to how use NFTs for creators. Some of the highlights to be shared...
  • Use this checklist to determine whether you can make money by flipping NFTs or not (it'll be different for everyone)
  • How to leverage on NFTs to build and grow your business without being a celebrity or influencer
  • Real life case study how I sold my NFT collection
  • ​Find out if it's a suitable time for you to start your own NFTs or not
  • ​You'll only need to focus on 2 things to become an internet millionaire - this way, you can be laser-focused to get nearer to your goal
  • ​Look behind the scene of how many people actually open up my emails to read each month...
  • ​How to use a book to make money for your digital business - without even selling it!
  • ​The step-by-step guide how to launch a virtual event to build your database quickly
  • ​My organic traffic strategy for 2022 that you can copy to build authority
  • ​The secret to building your brand that will attract the rights customers to you and it has nothing to do with displaying any "success lifestyle"
  • ​Why I rarely use eBook as a free gift to get leads...
  • ​And many more!


BONUS #1: The Recordings Of The 2-Day Affiliates.com.my Summit Worth $499

This 2-day summit was the #1 ever event in Malaysia, featuring experts with real online businesses held in JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur.  You'll get to learn through real life "case studies" on HOW successful entrepreneurs and marketers are getting customers for their business and they are based on strategies that ordinary people can follow too. 

As I've mentioned, I don't quite like multiple speakers event, thus, I created my own to ensure the quality of it. The speakers do not have anything to sell and you'll unlikely have heard of them as they are not platform speakers - just real online entrepreneurs and marketers sharing REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE and PROVEN STRATEGIES.

Here are the 8 presentations:
1. Dropship eCommerce Business To Earn USD
2. Creating Viral Video To Get Millions Of Views
3. How To Tap On Trends And Using Social Media
4. How To Start A Freelance Side Hustle
5. The "Operation Zero Employees" Model
6. How To Build Your Brand In The Local Market
7. How To Source eCommerce Products From China
8. Case Study And Strategy For Digital Product Funnel
Here are the video testimonials for the 2 days event...

BONUS #2: The Digital Millionaire Workshop

You wouldn't believe how easy it is to achieve your first 1 million when you follow the system that I'll be teaching inside the Digital Millionaire Workshop.

Now, of course you're not going to make a million right away, especially if you are newbie. It could take you years but if you already have the foundation, you could pick up the strategies that I'm going to be teaching inside. 

I'll also be sharing my true story, so that you'll know that it doesn't require any technical background. In fact, it doesn't even require a smart person to achieve freedom - my highest education was high school level. 

What you truly need is to UNDERSTAND the core strategy and someone showing you the steps that you can follow, which I'll be revealing all of these in the workshop to train you.

Please note that the date and time will be provided inside the member area. If you could not make it, you'll get to access the replay.

What Can the Internet to Income 9 Do for You...

  • If you haven't started anything yet or are a newbie, this will finally help you to start on the right track so you'll no longer be wasting your valuable time dabbling.
  • If you've heard about NFTs and want to take advantage of this Web3 trend, I'll be sharing with you how I've already started NFT for creators and how you can start now, too.
  • If you are struggling with Facebook Ads or simply getting traffic, this is where I'll be teaching you the alternate traffic source and how you can also get organic free traffic.
  • ​If you have a business, even an MLM or service-driven one, you'll discover the strategies for promoting offline business by using the internet.
  • ​If you are interested in affiliate marketing, then I'm going to show you the right strategy of how I made millions just from ClickBank alone.
  • ​If you are a content creator, I'll teach you how to monetize your expertise, knowledge, experience, skill and so on as quickly as within 2 weeks.
And the fact is, if you are creative, you can use the same strategies to be applied in almost any different types of products and businesses, whether you're doing MLM, selling property, financial planning, eCommerce or physical stores and so on.

So, regardless if you're a newbie or an experienced marketer, the 2 days recordings is suitable for you!

The fact is, during the live event, we have both groups of attendees attending and all of them benefited tremendously. The testimonials are the proof to this.


Truth is, your TIME is much more valuable than money. Much.

Think about it - everyday, we're making money so that we can have more time to do what we want, isn't it?

However, something else that's worse than losing your time is learning from the wrong experts.  

Just like, if someone is training to win the Olympics, would this athlete get an inexperience coach or prefer to pay to ensure he gets the BEST COACH POSSIBLE. 

By charging a fair price for our 2 days' work previously, we can focus on delivering valuable content instead.

At the same time, paying would means I need to deliver content that's not freely available. 

So, from this perspective, in my humble opinion, it's actually more beneficial than registering to attend a free seminar. 

This is why, the live event of Internet to Income 9 was not free at that time.

But right now, you can get the recordings for only $99.

Would you pay just $99 to learn the secrets of what I'm currently doing inside my businesses, earning millions from the internet?

Frankly, if only I get this chance when I first started in 2003, I wouldn't need to suffer from frustration so much and more importantly, it would not take me 8 terrible months anymore.

In fact, I would probably make my millions even quicker.

So, What's The Catch?

There's really no catch.

It's 2 days of professionally edited content to help you succeed. 

Frankly, I'm doing this to "show off" my experience and knowledge in this industry. After all, isn't this the ultimate branding strategy? To demonstrate to your customers how valuable your product is, to exceed the value you're able to deliver. 

But there's a self-serving reason why I'm offering it for less than 100 bucks. In the future, I'll be be having the 10th event, which is the Internet to Income X Live.

So I hope, once you experience the impressiveness of the content provided in the recordings of the 9th event, I hope you'll want to attend the LIVE event later.

And just for the skeptics of worrying of any catch, I'll take away all of your risk...

Risk-Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a solid 60 days money-back guarantee. 

Which means, during this period, you can use the strategies and ideas from Internet to Income 9 to help you generate income. But if you want to cancel, we will return your money 100%. All we ask for in return is kindly give us honest feedback to improve our program for others. And it doesn't matter how silly your feedback could be - we will still be honouring the money-back policy because we just need your help to become better.

With this risk-free investment, you have nothing to lose, except not make the right decision for your future today.

Your investment is just a one-time off $99 but this deal won't be available for long.

Remember - you can make a lot of money during post-pandemic with the right knowledge and of course, up-to-date strategies. So don't wait any longer to get started so that I can share with you what I've discovered.

Click the button now to guarantee yourself the access to Internet to Income 9 (Recordings)...

About The Speaker: Patric Chan

Patric Chan, known as the #1 internet marketing pioneer in Malaysia who started back in 2003, is a best-selling author of 3 books and an international speaker in 12 countries. 

He has been featured in newspapers many times and also in business magazines. Patric has taught his techniques and strategies to thousands of his students through his books, courses, seminars and live training. His product has been listed as the #1 ClickBank product in Affiliate Marketing.

As a very much sought-after speaker, Patric has already spoken in 12 countries including the United States, UK, China and Australia as an authority on the topic of internet marketing and creating wealth online. He has also spoken at business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc.

To date, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and from international bestselling authors, millionaires and even a billionaire.


Patric is a ClickBank Super Affiliate and Platinum Partner of multiple years. He is the only Malaysian who has ever been invited to ClickBank HQ in Boise, Idaho, United States with an all-paid expenses trip to meet with ClickBank’s executive team including the CEO and VP for a mastermind meeting. 

When it comes to internet marketing product launches, it’s very common for Patric to achieve top 10 Joint Venture partners, also known as, Super Affiliate. He was also the top #10 affiliate for Russell Brunson's book launch, the Dotcom Secrets. 

Because of his proven internet marketing strategies, he has also achieved the top 5 enrollers in a billion-dollar Inc 500 network marketing company, beating more than 500,000 other members worldwide.


While being known internationally, Patric has also contributed his knowledge and strategies to the "local" markets of Malaysia and Singapore.

He has been responsible for helping many Malaysians and Singaporeans to become successful internet marketers; starting their own online businesses today and impacting the internet marketing education industry locally.

Other notable "local' achievements:

* Patric’s internet marketing seminar has been promoted by a bank, at rhb.com.my and is the first-ever endorsed by a financial institution.

* He has conducted 10 + live internet marketing seminars and being the most "long-lasting" internet marketing seminars in Malaysia, period.

* He was the first Malaysian speaker who spoke for World Internet Summit back in 2005 (the first ever international internet marketing seminar held in Malaysia and Singapore)

* He has spoken for Penang State Government and in University Sains Malaysia organization on the topic of entrepreneurship.

Testimonials from other experts:

Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels and 8-Figure Internet Marketer
Anik Singal, Founder of Lurn Inc
Michael Bolduc, Millionaire Master Coach
Albert Leonardo, Arguably Indonesia's #1 Facebook Ads Guru
Daniel Tan, founder of MarketersMedia.com
Bank Komgwichianwat, eCommerce Guru and founder of PODtomatic
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