"Do You Want To Be A Millionaire In The New Online Business Trend Of 2023?"

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The Internet to Income X Live For 2023! Only 200 Seats In The Room

Dear Friend,
Do you want to be a millionaire?

I know, it sounds far-fetched when you are reading it...

But if you can stay with me here, I'll share with you an exciting discovery why I think there's significant money to be made, even without any experience.

Firstly, I want to share with you this - online marketing will change, including making money on the internet.

No, I'm not referring to post-pandemic stuff, that's old news.

Everyone and every business must adapt towards that.

I'm referring to marketing by leveraging on Web3 phenomenon and by being the first, this will give you the fast mover's advantage!

To understand Web3 a bit further, here's super short summary for comparing Web 1.0, web 2.0 and now Web3...

In web 1.0, it's "read only".

It's one way.

Yet, many people became millionaires by just being the first to use the internet for business!

An extreme example would Jeff Bezos of Amazon and then Jack Ma, who spotted the internet opportunity in China. BE THE FIRST.
But along that, MANY ORDINARY PEOPLE BECAME MILLIONAIRES by just selling online!

Remember those "eBay days"? Yeah, many people made a small fortune from that too.

Then we have Web 2.0.

With Web 2.0, it's focused on user-generated content and unlike Web 1.0, each user can now create content too.

For instance, you can create content by uploading videos to YouTube or post media in Facebook.

And in web 2.0, it's no longer 1 way, but 2 ways where there are interactions.

Guess what? :-)

Many people who started early in Web 2.0 became millionaires too, whether they learn how to sell in social medias or simply, by becoming content creators like YouTubers or Instagramers!

How about Web3 business?

In my opinion, Web3 is the new frontier for new marketing and opportunities.

While Web3 has the same element of Web 2.0, it's now more focused on decentralization.

Which means, in a layman way of saying, you own your content.

For instance - while you may have videos in YouTube, technically, the content is controlled by YouTube. They are the one who make the decision, that's centralization.

However, Web3's concept is different; it gives authority and ownership towards the user instead.

Think of it this way - the middle person, which is the company, has been removed in Web3.

To make even easier to comprehend, Web 2.0's "products" are mostly social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

For Web3's "products"? 

Example would be NFTs, metaverse and blockchains.

At the same time, there are all kinds of new products being developed every day, based on these platforms.

So, do you remember when I asked you the question...

"Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?"

During the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 trends, many ordinary people became millionaires by simply getting started, even without knowing much yet at that time. They just jumped into the opportunity and start making money.

Heck, there are people who became millionaires by just selling domain names during Web 1.0!

Remember those dotcom domain names? Yes, believe it or not, there are people who made millions by just buying and selling domains.

The fact is, many millionaires will also be created from Web3 phenomenon, all it takes is to know how to BUILD ONLINE BUSINESSES that ride on the trend.

Because while the companies are building the platforms, we are simply riding on them to create new opportunities for ourselves.

And in year 2023, Web3 will be exploding.

To the degree, company like Meta is "predicting" that digital collectables are going to be something that's common to everyone.

To support this statement, in Instagram and Facebook, you can now connect to your crypto wallet to display your digital collections too!
Hi, my name is Patric Chan, a best-selling author of 3 books, international speaker of 12 countries and an internet marketing pioneer started back in Web 1.0, way back in 2003.

For the past 10 years, I've been running the 2-day Internet to Income Live event but this business event is different.

Because it focuses on teaching the latest marketing strategies and reveal the online business trends I've researched or implemented.
Which also means, it's the ultimate shortcut to learn about my failures and success strategies for you to profit, either to avoid or to replicate.

This year, it'll be one of the most epic ones because I'll be celebrating the 10th's Internet to Income Live!

This is why, it's called...

The Internet to Income X Live

Date: 7th and 8th January 2023
Time: 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

But not only X means 10 in Roman numerals, but it's also known as "unrevealed".

I'll be revealing BRAND NEW business strategies I've never taught before, especially, we've just entered Web3 and a new way of marketing.

The theme will be "TRANSFORMATION" - how to transform online marketing and building your business.

And if you haven't started an online business yet, even as a beginner, this is an even stronger reason to attend live!

Because it's definitely a smarter move to start riding on the trend right away, isn't it?

Here are the 4 main parts I'll be teaching in the 2 days, in person…

Part 1: The 4 C's

The trend of the 4 C's are...
* Content
* Capital
* Code
* Community
So how do you use them for your advantage in business?

Combing web 2.0 and Web3, what I'll be sharing are the 4 C's and how to apply them.

In fact, one of the C's could be your ticket to your first million dollar.

During Internet to Income X, I'll teach each of the C and show you how to apply that into launching your online business - or growing an existing one.

Part 2: Social Media 2023

Make no mistake, social media still plays a very important role for online marketing, in fact, it'll forever play an important role.

After all, all big social media companies like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc will always be adapting towards the new trends for the users.

The question is, how are you catching up with them and more importantly, using them effectively to make money online?

You see, I'm known more as a Guru behind the scenes, I rarely speak at events or run ads to promote myself. You'll hardly see me speaking at "multi-speaker" event and pitching stuff on stage.

Anyway, when it comes to social media, I don't need a huge size of followers to make money and I'll explain to you why.

Here’s the engagement I'll get from my Facebook page by just postings, without any ads...
The interesting part is, that's more engagement than many other marketers who has 100K or even 1 million Facebook followers.

Which means, I don't need to put in the massive effort and spend huge money to build a million followers, yet, I can get the same amount of exposure.

Of course, I'm not denying that having a million fans would be extremely useful for marketing and can help you to make a lot of money, but how many ordinary people could build that huge size of followers?

What if you don't have that many?

But to build a 2000 or 5000 followers, that's something doable, right?

So here's what I'm going to teach you:

When you get started, you don't need a 100K or 1M followers to turn social media into your most powerful marketing system to attract leads and sales.

There are 3 things about social media I'm going to teach in Internet to Income X Live...
1. My Entire Social Media System For Any Size of Business to Use
I've created a system how to operate social media for my own company and now, I'm going to give you the SOP for free in Internet to Income X Live. 

Not only this will solve your social media headache, but it's a system that works!
2. My Latest Discovery of What Works In Social Media
If you are looking for a hack, this session may just be worth your entire 2 days being in the event. 

In fact, it's so valuable, it could even be turned into a stand-alone course to be sold!

I'll be revealing my TikTok system, how I start from scratch to turning it into my main traffic channel to market a new product of mine.

You can use this system to sell your own product or launch a new brand and if you don't have any, you can easily do eCommerce dropship or promote an affiliate program.

In short, this is "stand-alone" system for you to make money online quickly.
3. The Social Post Campaign Strategy
Want to know how you can do social post and make money online?

Whether you are promoting an affiliate program or simply selling your own product, this is the system to show you how to post and make money.

Part 3: The Digital Business Signature

Want to go behind the scenes how I will build my business in 2023?

How to build a 7-figure business per year and yet, still having the freedom to enjoy your life and don't need to fake any lifestyle. :)

Let me ask you a question, how about working 2 hours a day?

With no employees...

With no fancy office...

No boss or partners...

No fancy videos needed either.

Look, there are surely more marketers who make more money than I do.

But let me share with you my lifestyle...

Every day, I get to play basketball, the exercise that I love doing.

Every day, I get to watch TV with my wife.

Not that I want to brag, can you show me one marketer who has finished watching House of The Dragons, Rings of Power, all of the Marvel series and so on? :)

Every weekend, I get to bring my kids to swimming lessons too.

And of course, I get to hang out with my kids whenever they are free!
So, if this is the lifestyle that you want, being a millionaire but without the business cost and demand of running a million-dollar business, I've already figured it out.

Of course, in between these 3 core topics, I'll be teaching about...

Part 4: Traffic and Promotions

I'll be also teaching the ways to get traffic and the ways how to promote a product, regardless of whether it's a physical product, a service or even, an offline product.

There are many strategies we've used in our company and also, strategies I've deployed for my private clients to 10X their businesses.

So if you are newbie to online marketing and finding your way to get traffic, then this is for you.

And if you are a business owner or marketer who need a new way to promote your offer, I got this covered in Part 4 to help you achieve your 2023's breakthrough.

Bonus Session: Q&A and Hot Seat!

We'll have Q&A's session during the 2 day event, this way, you'll be able to clarify about questions you may have, pertaining to what I'll be teaching and even, unrelated ones!

Last but not least, we'll also do a "hot seat" for an attendee with a business idea or operating an existing business.

Usually, I'll charge $2,500 for my consultation but if you are selected, I'll do a personal consultation for you live on stage, for free.

I promise you that your business will transform after you've implemented my personalized strategy, as how it has done amazingly for many of my private clients.

Here the details of the 2-day training again...

The Internet to Income X Live

Date: 7th and 8th January 2023
Time: 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Some short history...

You see, the Internet to Income Live is, perhaps, the best and longest-lasting internet marketing event in Malaysia today. It started in 2010 when I started teaching internet marketing locally. There's only one event, ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR.

The live event is a 2-day content-driven training, without multiple speakers, just one speaker with just 1 or 2 guest speakers.

This way, you'll be able to learn comprehensively, regardless of whether you're a newbie or an experienced marketer.

And when you attend, you'll even see in the room experienced marketers attending... Internet to Income Live holds the record of revealing the latest marketing strategies and exposing some of my powerful secrets to making money online each year.


"What makes Internet to Income X Live different from any average online business training event?"

Humbly, I have trained thousands of students for the past 19 years. This includes some of today's top experts and Gurus in this region.

Let's be honest with each other, there are many "internet marketing" events out there.  While there are many good events too, the key thing that differentiates Internet to Income Live is this - I teach based on RESULTS.

My track record is not to impress you, just to ensure you that your time will be worthwhile. My clients and students achieved success in many different niches, not just in the "how to make money online" stuff. But real businesses.

Not only do we have testimonials, but we continue to have NEW TESTIMONIALS from clients and students each year. Some of these clients are Gurus and experts.

Other than the credibility aspect, the Internet to Income Live is DIFFERENT because you'll be learning strategies and content which you cannot find anywhere else! These are my experience and results.

At the same time, while the event is full of advanced stuff, but it's suitable for both newbies and experienced marketers. In another word, this is the only internet marketing event in Malaysia that's attended by those who wants to get started and also those who are looking for new hacks to grow their business.

This is NOT A Seminar - This Is More of a Class, For 2 Days!

When you go to a seminar, you listen to speaker after speaker telling you stuff for 90 minutes or so.

Sometimes, you don't even get to learn anything because 30 minutes are spent introducing themselves and probably, another 30 minutes pitching you to buy some of their stuff. So, you probably get more value from staying at home to watching their YouTube videos.

Of course, if Gary Vee or Jack Ma are the speakers, that's a whole different story because they'll instill wisdom and inspiration. For that, attending live is much more impactful than watching a video.

Furthermore, they don't need to use up their presentation time to introduce themselves (or pitch you anything for that matter).

Internet to Income Live X is constructed to give you an "overall" training for 2 solid days - with just one speaker for full concentration and proper flow of curriculum. Not 90 minutes of BS.

It provides the content of a workshop or a class, but the reason why it's not called a workshop is because we're not doing "hands on" for that matter. So technically, I cannot name it a "workshop".

This is why the ticket price is at a lower investment than a workshop.

Suitable for:

  • The Newbies. Newbies are those who haven't gotten started anything yet.  
  • The Beginners. Beginners have learned about starting online businesses and digital marketing, however, they haven't seemed to be able to launch it well. Sometimes, all you need is to make your first dollar online.
  • The Business Owners, Founders and Company Execs. They are looking for the right online business strategies that meet their preference and the resources they have.
  • The Side Hustlers. The side hustlers look out for viable online business models and ideas they can do "part-time".
  • The Online Retailers. If you have a store or planning to launch one, this event will give you the marketing knowledge you needed to succeed.
  • ​The Agencies. You are helping clients to improve their sales, so, pick up new proven tactics and strategies from the event to be applied to your client's business. 
  • The Digital Product Marketers. You are a content creator, affiliate marketer or simply selling digital products online. 

Some testimonials from the last event, the Internet to Income 9 Live...

Here's another feedback from an internet marketing coach, Edmund Loh...

What Can the Internet to Income X Live Do for You?

  • If you haven't started anything yet or are a newbie, this will finally help you to start on the right track so you'll no longer be wasting your valuable time dabbling. Start on the right track and trend for 2023!
  • If you've heard about NFTs and want to take advantage of this Web3 trend, I'll be sharing with you how I've already started NFT for creators and how you can start now, too.
  • If you are struggling with Facebook Ads or simply getting traffic, this is where I'll be teaching you the alternate traffic source and how you can also get organic free traffic.
  • ​If you have a business, even an MLM or service-driven one, you'll discover the strategies for promoting offline business by using the internet.
  • ​If you are interested in affiliate marketing, then I'm going to show you the right strategy of how I made millions just from ClickBank alone.
  • ​If you are a content creator, I'll teach you how to monetize your expertise, knowledge, experience and skill in 2023 - so that this will be YOUR YEAR to achieve success.
And the fact is, if you are creative, you can use the same strategies to be applied in almost any different types of products and businesses, whether you're doing MLM, selling property, financial planning, eCommerce or physical stores and so on. 

Remember - you're just one strategy away for your big breakthrough in internet income.


BONUS #1: The Recordings Of The 2-Day Affiliates.com.my Summit Worth $499

This 2-day summit was the #1 ever event in Malaysia, featuring experts with real online businesses held in JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur.  You'll get to learn through real life "case studies" on HOW successful entrepreneurs and marketers are getting customers for their business and they are based on strategies that ordinary people can follow too. 

As I've mentioned, I don't quite like multiple speakers event, thus, I created my own to ensure the quality of it. The speakers do not have anything to sell and you'll unlikely have heard of them as they are not platform speakers - just real online entrepreneurs and marketers sharing REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE and PROVEN STRATEGIES.

Here are the 8 presentations:
1. Dropship eCommerce Business To Earn USD
2. Creating Viral Video To Get Millions Of Views
3. How To Tap On Trends And Using Social Media
4. How To Start A Freelance Side Hustle
5. The "Operation Zero Employees" Model
6. How To Build Your Brand In The Local Market
7. How To Source eCommerce Products From China
8. Case Study And Strategy For Digital Product Funnel
Here are the video testimonials for the 2 days event...
When you get this bonus, you can get started right away, it's a good "preparation" before Internet to Income 9 Live and you'll still be able to access it for another 30 days after the seminar.

BONUS #2: The Social Media Income Masterclass Recordings Worth $997

This is a 2-day masterclass I did to teach my students how to use Facebook Social Media to get new leads and sales every day, even if you are just a one-person digital business. The masterclass was recorded, this is the professionally edited recording of the 2-day masterclass. 

The system taught is A.D.D - automation, development of content and distribution. Here are the 10 steps taught in the 2-day masterclass strategically...

Step #1: Choose Your Platform
Step #2: Your Monetization Strategy
Step #3: Your Lead Capture Page
Step #4: Producing Your Video Content
Step #5: Your Content Promotion
Step #6: Build Your Audience And Followers
Step #7: Produce Content Offer
Step #8: Sytemizing Your Videos
Step #9: Content Repurpose Strategy
Step #10: Advance Tactics Integration

This is the most comprehensive system on how to launch a social media campaign - this is exactly the same system that we're charging clients $25K to create for them.

Here's a short clip of the masterclass, so that you know how it looks like...

Reserve Now To Get Your Super Early Bird Privilege!

Imagine, for a moment, that it's a year from today. How well is your internet income stream's doing

Remember – if you continue to learn the same thing and do the same way, you're going to get the same results.

A year will pass by in a flash, you didn't expect 2022 is going to be over so soon, right?

Right now, you can do what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they are getting, or you can learn the powerful new strategies I'm currently using and will surely be using in 2023 to earn 7 figures of income.

I think your choice is clear.

Also, by charging a fair price for our 2 days' work, we can focus on delivering valuable content instead.

At the same time, paying would means I need to deliver content that's not freely available. 

So, from this perspective, in my humble opinion, it's actually more beneficial to have a small fee than  attending a free seminar out there and be bombarded with sales pitches. 

On top of that, if it's not a free seminar, you'll meet more committed people in the room to form a better network for yourself.

The investment for the Internet to Income X Live's seat is only USD $99 for 2 days of solid content training, including the bonuses and a networking opportunity.

However, when you register today, we're offering a further discount for the SUPER EARLY BIRD price at only US $99 $19.00 today.

And in case you'e wondering the reason why we can offer such a high discount is this - the "seminar business" is not our primary business at all. 

If it was, we would be out of business by now, right? 

I haven't conducted any seminars for 2 years during the pandemic. We're not teaching in seminars to make money as I have other real online businesses and investments running. Some even create passive incomes for me today, I don't even need to do any work.

The reason we decided to do Internet to Income 10 is that I'm passionate about helping others to achieve success with their online businesses, and I'm driven to create more success stories. 

This is how I give back - I remember, when I started, I was struggling like crazy. It took me freaking 8 months just to make my first sale back in 2003.

Would you pay just $19 to learn the secrets of what I'm currently doing inside my businesses earning millions from the internet?

Frankly, if only I get this chance when I first started in 2003, I wouldn't need to suffer from frustration so much and more importantly, it would not take me 8 terrible months of no income.

Likely, I would make my millions quicker if I get to learn, 20 years ago. But at that time, I have no choice other than to continue failing to find out the answer on my own.

 100% Money Back Refundable!

At the same time, the earlier you reserve your seat, the better it's going to be for you to save and it is 100% money back refundable. If you change your mind a week before the event, you can just cancel it. 

Just like booking a room in Agoda, as long as there's a cancelation-approved included, you don't have to be worried about booking NOW to reserve first. Because if you are late, the price will INCREASE later on and sometimes, it's all SOLD OUT.

So, What's The Catch?

There's really no catch, except that there are only 200 seats available and more than 50% of them are ALREADY GONE.

It's 2 days with me in person to help you succeed. 

I'm only doing this to "show off" my experience and knowledge in this industry. After all, isn't this the ultimate branding strategy? To demonstrate to your customers how valuable your product is, to exceed the value you're able to deliver many times.

And just for the skeptics of worrying of any catch, I'll take away all of your risk...

Risk-Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee

First, you have the  100% money back refundable, in case you cannot attend. And now, you have a solid 60 days money-back guarantee after attending both days of the event.

Which means, during these 60 days period after you've attended, you can use the strategies and ideas from Internet to Income X to help you generate income. But if you want to cancel, we will return 100% of your money with no questions asked.

With this risk-free investment, you have nothing to lose, except not make the right decision for your future today.
The Internet to Income X Live
Date: 7th and 8th January 2023
Time: 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
So let's wrap it up here - with this discount from Super Early Bird privilege, your investment is just a one-time off $99 $19.

This deal won't be available for long.

Remember - you can make a lot of money during post-pandemic and in Web3 with the right knowledge and of course, up-to-date strategies. So don't wait any longer to reserve your seat so that I can share with you what I've discovered.

If you've read until here, you know you're ready. Click the button below to guarantee yourself a seat for the Internet to Income X Live...

About The Speaker: Patric Chan

Patric Chan, known as the #1 internet marketing pioneer in Malaysia who started back in 2003, is a best-selling author of 3 books and an international speaker in 12 countries. 

He has been featured in newspapers many times and also in business magazines. Patric has taught his techniques and strategies to thousands of his students through his books, courses, seminars and live training. His product has been listed as the #1 ClickBank product in Affiliate Marketing.

As a very much sought-after speaker, Patric has already spoken in 12 countries including the United States, UK, China and Australia as an authority on the topic of internet marketing and creating wealth online. He has also spoken at business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc.

To date, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and from international bestselling authors, millionaires and even a billionaire.


Patric is a ClickBank Super Affiliate and Platinum Partner of multiple years. He is the only Malaysian who has ever been invited to ClickBank HQ in Boise, Idaho, United States with an all-paid expenses trip to meet with ClickBank’s executive team including the CEO and VP for a mastermind meeting. 

When it comes to internet marketing product launches, it’s very common for Patric to achieve top 10 Joint Venture partners, also known as, Super Affiliate. He was also the top #10 affiliate for Russell Brunson's book launch, the Dotcom Secrets. 

Because of his proven internet marketing strategies, he has also achieved the top 5 enrollers in a billion-dollar Inc 500 network marketing company, beating more than 500,000 other members worldwide.


While being known internationally, Patric has also contributed his knowledge and strategies to the "local" markets of Malaysia and Singapore.

He has been responsible for helping many Malaysians and Singaporeans to become successful internet marketers; starting their own online businesses today and impacting the internet marketing education industry locally.

Other notable "local' achievements:

* Patric’s internet marketing seminar has been promoted by a bank, at rhb.com.my and is the first-ever endorsed by a financial institution.

* He has conducted 10 + live internet marketing seminars and being the most "long-lasting" internet marketing seminars in Malaysia, period.

* He was the first Malaysian speaker who spoke for World Internet Summit back in 2005 (the first ever international internet marketing seminar held in Malaysia and Singapore)

* He has spoken for Penang State Government and in University Sains Malaysia organization on the topic of entrepreneurship.

Testimonials from other experts:

Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels and 8-Figure Internet Marketer
Anik Singal, Founder of Lurn Inc
Michael Bolduc, Millionaire Master Coach
Albert Leonardo, Arguably Indonesia's #1 Facebook Ads Guru
Daniel Tan, founder of MarketersMedia.com
Bank Komgwichianwat, eCommerce Guru and founder of PODtomatic
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