Patric Chan's Background:


Patric Chan is an internationally-known internet marketing expert and one of the tops in the world. When it comes to marketing online, Patric understands how internet marketing works more than most self-claimed experts and consultants because he delivers based on experience and results, not from books and theories. Apart from that, Patri has been invited to speak at internet marketing seminars in 11 countries and congresses for entrepreneurs.

As a matter of fact, he proved his credibility by accepting a ‘challenge’ to demonstrate his strategy back in 2006 for the well-known World Internet Summit Seminar and appeared in Yahoo and Google News. At the same time he’s also the first Malaysian to be invited as a speaker among others that are mostly from United States.



In the demonstration, Patric showed how he generated over USD $36,000 in sales on real time in 3 short days. This is shown on the seminar stage by selling digital products in front of over 200 live seminar audiences by just using emails and webpages. To support the evidence that Patric has an internet marketing system that is duplicable, he demonstrated it again in Jakarta, Indonesia, 3 months later – live on stage as well.

Patric has been marketing online since 2003 – giving him the experience to build internet businesses in all sort of niche markets like pets, women, games, education, software, electronics and many more.



Patric Chan's Credentials:

  • His testimonials range from ordinary people to's best-selling authors.

  • Invited to speak on the topic of internet marketing in over 11 countries - United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Arab and Indonesia since 2005.

  • Have received award from The World Internet Summit for demonstrating "The Live Challenge" where he took up the challenge to prove that he's able to make money from the internet within 24 hours.

  • Not just a new kid in block, been marketing and making money online since 2003.

  • Been marketing on the internet in various of niches - pets, women, movies, electronics, personal growth, games and a lot more. Basically, Patric has real businesses, not just involved in teaching internet marketing to others.

  • Regularly commands a 5-figure income to speak for 90 minutes presentation.

  • His self improvement membership include his personal interviews with Mark Victor Hansen (best-selling author of Chicken Soup Of The Soul), Bill Bartmann (a billionaire), Jim Britt and others

  • His internet marketing products and courses have been endorsed and promoted by internet marketing gurus around the world - proving the quality and the value that he delivers.

  • Patric Chan is a self-made internet millionaire.

  • Co-authored a book with other best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs like Brian Tracy, Suze Orman, Zig Ziglar, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Conrad Levinson, Dr. Wayne D Dyer, Harvey McKay and so on.

  • Pioneered and introduced the new concept, Niche Marketing 2.0 (tm) where thousands of people have learned

  • Has shares the speaking stage with many world-class speakers and those who made millions on the internet like Stephen Pierce, Matt Bacak, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Adam Ginsberg, John Childers, Dave Lakhani, Christopher Guerriero and so on.

  • Has the credibility to allow him to joint venture with other internet marketing gurus and the who's who in the internet marketing industry.

  • Demonstrated LIVE how he generated $36,316.65 USD on real time in 3 short days. This is shown on the seminar stage by selling digital products in front of over 200 live seminar audiences by just using EMAILS and WEBPAGES as the marketing tools.

  • Has been interviewed by numerous marketers around the world as a successful internet marketer to teach others.

  • Occasionally received autographed books from best-selling authors and highly successful entrepreneurs in the world - like from Matt Morris (The Unemployed Millionaire), Mark Joyner (Simpleology),The Secrets (Dr. Joe Vitale), e-Code (Jo Han Mok), The Sales Machine (Chet Holmes), Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat (Michael Masterson) and so on.

  • Responsible for helping a lot of local people to become successful internet marketers, starting their own online business today and impacted the internet marketing education industry locally.

  • Been featured in newspapers many times and business magazines.

  • Worked with Robert G. Allen and Stephen Pierce in the past to conduct workshops together

  • Collectively, over 200,000 subscribers have subscribed to Patric's internet marketing subscription to learn from him how to make money online and promote internet business

  • Runs real business with a physical office, corporation and a support team

  • He is the CEO of 3 companies today

Other interesting facts about Patric Chan:

  • His highest education is secondary school education - doesn't have a Diploma or Degree

  • His first job is selling greeting cards, door-to-door

  • He has never been to United States until 2007 but already selling his products to overseas customers

  • His English is Grade C (O Level) but majority of his clients are westerners

  • He doesn't have any IT background or education – no website design or programming skill

  • He has no "internet guru connections" when he first started out to be an internet marketing authority today

  • He's still living in the small wonderful island of Penang

  • He has just turned 30 years old in 2010



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