How to Build A Profitable Online Business That Is Suitable For You... Be It Physical eCommerce or Digital Products... 
Whether It Is To GROW YOUR BUSINESS... Or to Break You From Your 9-to-5 Job...
Did The "Market" Changed Again?
Hi, my name is Patric Chan, and I have trained thousands of students for the past 14 years

This includes some of today's top experts and Gurus in this region - including all around the world.

We are living in an amazing time, when ANYONE with the right knowledge can start a business using the internet. 

After all, the online platform is the best choice - highly low cost, available for business 24/7, no employees needed, no shop and office needed, rely on automation, extremely scalable and many other good reasons that you may already aware of.

And you've seen kids, housewives, college dropouts and so on crushing itEven if you think they are not crushing it, they're easily making several thousands each month... probably better "salary" than any regular executive who's working in a 9 to 5 job from Monday to Friday.

Of course... if you're a business owner, it's "unacceptable" if you're not using the Internet to grow your business.

But the "market", the online business landscape, changes every year. It's going to change again in 2018.

The good news is, I will share with you how to start and build a highly profitable online business to generate 5, 6, and even 7 figure incomes. 

If you're an experienced marketer... that's even better... 

because you'll be able to execute the ideas, strategies, and methods faster.

I'll be sharing on the 3rd March 2018 in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with celebrating the 15th year anniversary.

Introducing, the Internet to Income 8 Live...
I started internet marketing back in 2003.

In fact, I was probably one of the few who even have a ClickBank account that time - registered it back in 2002. 
But I'll consider myself started only in 2003 because that's the year when I started making money online - you see, it's not when you start, it's WHEN you cracked the code to internet wealth.

When I started teaching internet marketing back in 2004, many couldn't even comprehend the concept of people buying eBooks online.

Then I was invited to speak for World Internet Summit - I was the first and only Malaysian.

It was a famed event back then. Probably, the very first big seminar ever organized in Malaysia and Singapore where hundreds of attendees paid thousands to attend. 

In fact, many of today's internet marketers and speakers in this region ATTEND that event.

After 15 years, I'm so happy to see that many marketers have been born and teaching new students every day.
Internet to Income Live is, perhaps, the best and longest lasting internet marketing event in Malaysia today. It started in 2010 when I started teaching internet marketing locally. 

It's a 2-day content-driven training, without multiple speakers, just one speaker

This way, you'll be able to learn comprehensively, regardless of whether you're a newbie or an experienced marketer.

When you attend, you'll even see experienced marketers attending in the room... Internet to Income 8 holds the record of revealing the latest marketing strategies and exposing some of my powerful secrets to making money online each year.
The next Internet to Income will be celebrating the 15th ANNIVERSARY so I'm planning to make it a BLAST!
Learn New And Different Strategies In Every Internet to Income Live Event!
As mentioned earlier, the market changes every year.

You cannot expect to use 2016's strategies effectively for 2017 and 2018.

For instance, in Internet to Income 6, we focus on EMAIL ADS and FACEBOOK MARKETING. The best part is, we teach strategies that apply to almost any niche market you are in. For instance, Eugene Oon is in the real estate business. 

Yet, he used the Facebook strategy we've been using for our digital products for his "offline" business.
For the 8th Internet to Income, not only am I going teach about digital product business, but I will teach about the E-Commerce physical product business as well.

So which one is "better"... digital or physical?

NOW's the time to explore both....

Digital Info-Products
My forte is in digital info-products. So, I can confidently tell you this is an amazing business, and it'll never go away. As you can see, I've been in this business for more than a decade now - if it's not working, I wouldn't be here any longer and making money online every day without fail.

In 2015, Forbes posed that the online learning industry will make $107 billion. We're now moving into 2018...

But the other fact of why it's good timing is because there are many platforms that can "host" your info-products, such as Amazon Kindle, Udemy, CreativeLive, SkillShare, Lynda, ClickBank, etc... these will allow you to remove technical barriers and get started quickly.

TODAY, knowledge is the key to becoming healthier, wealthier, happier, and everything else - the market is "hungry" to learn as they value information more than ever.
eCommerce Physical Products
There are many people selling physical products on Facebook to make money online. You've probably seen those.

However, those are probably the lowest level of eCommerce, where the business is not even close to semi-automation.

Before we get into this, let me explain the definition of physical products here:

They can be clothes, electronics, supplements, or even food, products you need to be shipped out and something the consumer "uses" (not consume like an info-product).

It's now extremely easy to start an E-Commerce business not only because there are many products you can pick to sell and the availability of drop shipping services, but there are many platforms to help you get started with no experience at all. These include Shopify, Amazon, Teespring, Lazada, etc.
"What makes Internet To Income 8 Live different from your average event?"
I know, there are many "internet marketing" events out there.

There are many differences, but the main one is this - I teach based on RESULTS.

For instance, while many marketers/speakers claim to make money online (some even claim to be internet millionaires), they can't show you any proof. Because they DO NOT HAVE any real proof to show. 

My track record is...

I make money online every day, and I'll show it to you when you are at the live event.

Not only do we have testimonials, but we continue to have NEW TESTIMONIALS from clients and students. 

Some of these clients are Gurus. 

The fact is, most marketers/speakers are just "re-cycling" their outdated testimonials... some are even fabricated fake testimonials to get your attention.

The point is, ANY Tom, Dick and Harry marketers can claim whatever titles they want or "establishments". 

They are "best-selling" authors because they put their books in the bookstores and buy themselves

They are "speakers" because they pay the seminar organizer to put them on stage. 

They are "internet marketers" because they have "websites" and "passionate" about internet marketing.

They "make money online" because they did made money once or twice - not every day. 

They are "mentors" because they read some books or attended someone else's workshop and re-teach what they've learned theoretically. 

You get the point.

Other than the credibility aspect, it's because you'll be learning strategies and content you cannot find anywhere else.

Internet to Income Live is advance stuff but suitable for both newbies and experienced marketers. 

Some of the topics to be taught...
  • From Scratch - How to build an eCommerce product business with no experience or idea of what products to sell... selling worldwide to make USD while living in the Asia region.
  • Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead - Discover the most powerful affiliate marketing strategy to build your digital business empire.
  • Localized Online Business Revisit - In Internet to Income 4 Live, I revealed the new opportunity called, Localized Online Business. Many of my students made a fortune and now, after a few years, this opportunity has become even bigger and "matured" for you to seize...
  • The New Way of Facebook Advertising - It's getting harder every day to get clicks, conversions, or sales from Facebook ads. However, this has never been a problem for me because we're using a different Facebook advertising strategy...
  • Going Mobile - Regardless of whether you're running a digital product or physical product business, are you tapping into mobile traffic? How to do this? Where to start? Let me reveal it to you in Internet to Income 8...
  • Secret of Creating Your First Video Information Product - I will reveal a brand new SUPER FAST product creation method; it's "proprietary"... no other marketers around the world have shared this before.
  • The Rise of Operation Zero Employees - Can you build and run a multi-million-dollar business with no employees? I didn't believe it's possible either... until I implemented it into my company and transformed the business. Discover the blueprint I'll be revealing.
  • My Tools - Want to know the exact tools and sites I use to run my online business from operation to automation? The tools to create beautiful graphics for free, creating videos, managing my tasks, etc.
  • Content Monetization - Producing content is a waste of time... if you do not know how to monetize it or turn it into a marketing channel. Learn how to use different formats for engagement and the social media platforms you should use!
  • Funnel Freedom - When you're able to create profitable "funnels", you'll be creating freedom for yourself. You'll be learning something very different... because I'll SHOW you how I'm doing it for my 7-figure online businesses.
  • Super Affiliate Secrets - How to be the top 5% tier of affiliates where you'll be getting the lion's share of commissions, rather than fighting for bread crumbs in a product launch. I'll show you how to win cash prizes...
  • Malaysia's Digital Free Trade Zone - What this has to do with you and how you can take advantage of it?
  • And many more...
This is NOT A "Seminar" - This Is More Of A "Class".
When you go to a seminar, you listen to speakers after speakers telling you stuff for 90 minutes or so. 

Sometimes, you don't even get to learn anything because 30 minutes are spent introducing themselves and probably, another 30 minutes pitching you to buy some of their stuff.

Of course, if Sir Richard Branson, Jack Ma or Elon Musk are sharing on stage, that's a whole different story. 

Because they have words of wisdom and they don't need to use any of their presentation time to introduce themselves (or pitching you anything for that matter).

Internet to Income 8 is constructed to give you an "overall" training for 2 solid days - with just one speaker for full concentration. Not 90 minutes BS.

It provides the content of a workshop but the reason why it's not called a workshop is because we're not doing "hands on" for that matter. So technically, I cannot name it a "workshop".

This is why, Internet to Income is not a free event and its ticket is at a lower investment than a workshop (because it's not hands-on).

Frankly, I don't want to attend "free seminars". 
"Internet Gurus and Experts Buy My Courses 
And Attend My Trainings..."
I'm not saying this to brag, although, it does look like that when you're reading it here. After all, you do not know me.

But the fact is, internet marketing gurus DO buy my courses. 

Because they want to learn my secrets and strategies. I don't want to be a name dropper, but if you like to know, when we meet up in Internet to Income 8, I'll be happy to show you.

Truth is, Internet to Income 8 is highly suitable for experts alike. 
BONUS TRAINING: Outsell Your Paycheck
Do you have a job and want to quit it? 

Then perhaps, this is the most powerful training for you. It's my latest revolutionary system and strategies of how to build an online business with the objective to surpass your "paycheck" so you'll be able to quit your job - completely. 

What would your life be once you're able to break the shackle of chain?

What would be the first thing you do to celebrate it?

With who... and where? Because you're no longer tight to a location... you can be everywhere to run the "Outsell Your Paycheck" business model.
Secure Your Seat Today As Early Bird To Save!
3rd and 4th March 2018
9.30 AM to 5.30 PM for both days
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Venue: Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Retail Price: USD $ 397, Early Bird Price: USD $ 217
The investment for Internet to Income 8 Live's seat is only $87 for 2 days of solid content training when you grab it during the SUPER EARLY BIRD price.

I remember, when I started, I was struggling like crazy. It took me 8 months to make my first sale in 2003.

I hope by making it so affordable for you, you can learn first-hand and shortcut yourself to success. There's another reason why I'm throwing in the Super Early Bird:

This is what my customers WANT. They want to meet up and "catch up" live, in person, not just via emails and Facebook. And I love meeting my book readers, students, and customers live... so I'm doing the seminar for them because I appreciate my customers. My customers will buy very quickly, thus, they'll all get the super early bird.
Secure Internet to Income 8 Live Today At 60% Super Early Bird Discount: 
* No PayPal or not convenient to use credit card? Just contact us for other alternate method at [email protected] or call +(6) 012 - 2444 820.
Your 2 Days Agenda
DAY 1, 3rd March 2018
On Day 1, we'll be covering the strategies to be used for both types of businesses - digital products and physical products. You'll also be trained with the "internet marketing blueprint" to get started, regardless of whether you're a newbie or an experienced marketer.

And then, we'll look into several ways to setup your store for E-Commerce and ways to promote it online, including tapping into the mobile traffic source.

If you're new, you're going to learn how you can start your own store business. I'll even be showing you how to research for hot markets, where to find products for dropshipping and many more. 

The fact is, you'll be learning information like the ones you'll be paying to the $1,100 (about RM 5,000) workshops out there.

As for experienced marketers who are reading this page... wouldn't you want to know how I've been secretly selling physical products too? Although you don't see me teaching it, it doesn't means I'm not doing it.

At the end of Day 1, we'll have the Bonus Session, where I'll be revealing my system to quit your job - Outsell Your Paycheck. Very few marketers know this, how to launch your online business systematically.
DAY 2, 4th March 2018

On Day 2, we'll start with digital product business.

As a ClickBank Super Affiliate, ClickBank Platinum Partner and the co-organizer of ClickBank Asia, I think I'll have credibility with a proven track record to teach you about building an info-product business with ClickBank's platform.

We'll also be touching on other more advanced strategies, like funnels, buying ads, how to run a business operation, tracking, and so on.

Then there's another stealth marketing strategy I've been using to sell info-products online - with pure automation. Will be revealing it to you in the event too.
If you're an author, speaker or coach, you're going to love what I'll be sharing and teaching. 

You'll never anything like what I'm currently doing for my online business. You'll want to copy it.

Last, I'll be teaching about Localized Online Business, so you can profit from this growing trend. This alone could be potentially helping you to make an extra 6-figure income in 2018.

Both days of training are inter-related because Day 1's content will "prepare" you for Day 2.

Day's 2 advance stuff as well.
Testimonial from the $100M entrepreneur - Anik Singal, best-selling of Circle of Profits and Founder of LURN Inc...
Your Early Bird Bonuses
Bonus #1: eCommerce Store Theme 
To sell physical products online, you will create a store. This WordPress theme is fully responsive and will turn an ordinary WordPress website into an online store.

It is also perfect for search engine ranking because it comes with clean and optimized code, and it’s compatible with most SEO plugins.

The theme is packed with dynamic and easy-to-use inbuilt features and advanced theme options that allow you to configure and complete your website with little effort.

You'll get this $39 value online store theme for free as a bonus.
Bonus #2: Stealth Survey Software
Using surveys is a unique way to build your list and sell your products, digital or physical.

It's as simple as adding surveys on your own website or other authority websites to start capturing leads into your funnel. Based on the surveys, direct them to the right offer to increase your sales conversion drastically!
  • The survey pages will display beautifully on mobile devices for maximum market penetration
  • They are built with viral capability, encouraging the users to share your link once the survey is completed
  • It gives you the ability to overlay video as well as regular text to encourage even greater attention
When you get this for free as a bonus today, you're able to use our cloud-based Stealth Survey Software, so you do not even need to install anything or purchase any app.
Note: Bonuses are given after Internet to Income 8 Live is over.
* No PayPal or not convenient to use credit card? Just contact us for other alternate method at [email protected] or call +(6)012 - 2444 820.
Speaker Profile:
Patric Chan, an internet marketing pioneer who started back in 2003, is a best-selling author of multiple books, world-class internet marketer and international speaker.

He has been featured in newspapers many times and also in business magazines. Patric has taught his techniques and strategies to thousands of his students through his books, courses, seminars and live training. His product is one of ClickBank’s top affiliate marketing products.

As a very much sought after speaker, Patric has already spoken in 11 countries including United States, UK, China and Australia as an authority on the topic of internet marketing before he even reaches 30 years old (he’s currently 36). He has also spoken in business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc.

Todate, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and from international bestselling authors, millionaires… including a billionaire.


Patric is a ClickBank Super Affiliate and Platinum Partner. He is the only Malaysian who has ever been invited to ClickBank HQ in Boise, Idaho United States with an all paid expenses trip to meet with ClickBank’s executive team including the CEO and VP for a mastermind meeting.

When it comes to internet marketing product launches, it’s very common for Patric to achieve top 10 Joint Venture partners, also known as, Super Affiliate.

Because of his proven internet marketing strategies, he has also achieved thethe top 5 enrollers in an Inc 500 network marketing company, beating more than 500,000 other members worldwide.


While being known internationally, Patric also contributes his knowledge and strategies to the "local" markets of Malaysia and Singapore.

He has been responsible for helping many Malaysians and Singaporeans to become successful internet marketers; starting their own online business today and impacted the internet marketing education industry locally.

Other notable "local' achievements:

* Patric’s internet marketing seminar has been promoted by a bank, at and the first ever endorsed by a financial institution.

* He has conducted 10 + live internet marketing seminars and being the most “long lasting” internet marketing seminars in Malaysia, period

* He was the first Malaysian speaker who spoke for World Internet Summit back in 2005 (the first ever international internet marketing seminar held in Malaysia and Singapore)

From Daniel Tan,

"I attended Patric’s workshop back in 2006. Since then, lives changed. I am able to run my own company, hire people, create jobs, touch and change people’s lives and directly influenced more than 50,000 people with our product and services. Patric’s training and leadership is practical and result driven."
Michael Bolduc, Millionaire Master Coach
Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels and 8-Figure Internet Marketer
Albert Leonardo, Arguably Indonesia's #1 Facebook Ads Guru
Andrew Clacy, the Australia Local Marketing Expert
Gerald Soh, Internet Marketing Coach and Expert
Internet To Income Live 8 LIVE Event FAQ's...
What are the dates of Internet to Income 8 Live and the location?
It's on the 3rd and 4th March in Kuala Lumpur. The venue is Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Address can be located at
Is there a refund?
Yes, we do not want to take your money if you can't make it. We provide a 100% money back guarantee 30 days before the event.
Are there going to be multiple speakers?
No, the 2-day event is conducted and facilitated by Patric. But he may invite his past students to share or guest speakers who can teach different topics not covered by Patric.
Are there going to "upsells"?
If you're referring to pitchfest, no, it's not. This is why; this is NOT a free event. Internet to Income Live is like a workshop but we don't call it that because there's no "hands on", so technically, we cannot use that term. One thing we take full pride in Internet to Income Lives is we're able to continue delivering high value for many years. If you wish to work closer with Patric, then you can consider to apply for his coaching program later on.
Is Internet to Income 8 suitable for newbies or experienced marketers?
The answer is both. Internet to Income is a training event with solid content. Which means the strategies can be used by newbies and experienced marketers. But if you have experience, it'll help you to understand faster and probably to accelerate your action.

It's also suitable for both business owners and those who still have jobs.
Why is Internet To Income 8 Live offered at such an affordable price?
The launch price is $395 but we're offering it at super early bird discount today. I'm not surprise you'll find greater information in Internet to Income 8 than those USD $1,100 / RM 5,000 "workshops" selling out there. 

The reason why we're offering massive discount for the early bird is to cover our logistic and venue expenses. After that, we'll raise up the price to generate profit.

Truth is, even at the normal price, it has been made affordable at $ 395 (price is subjected to increase with no warning). It's  it's offered to you at such an affordable price is because I'm doing this to give back and it's my branding strategy. Look - I've been in this business for more than a decade now and next year it'll be 15 YEARS, I don't have to prove anything because my RESULTS proves EVERYTHING.

 So long I continue to deliver great value to you, I'll continue to have great customers to serve. That's the ultimate "branding".
"I do not have PayPal or not convenient to pay via credit card, can I secure the ticket through other payment methods?"
Yes, we accept online banking; kindly email us at [email protected] for the payment details.

Or you can also WhatsApp/call up +(6)012 - 2444820.

Other questions? Email us at [email protected] or contact +(6)012 - 2444820.
Secure Internet to Income 8 Live for 60% Early Bird Discount Today:
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